Mag-10 Use on Non-Training Days


Hello, The Directions on Mag-10 mainly outline taking the product post Workout. Is this also to be taken on Off days as well?


I use it every day. Mag-10 is ideal for between meal protein pulses on off days.


Thank you.

I guess I just wondered if Mag-10 needs to continually be in your system to work. Like you have to do with Creatine for example.


Nope, not similar to creatine. Mag-10 is protein, it’ll work when you take it. The ideal time for a Mag-10 pulse is after a workout to boost recovery, before your whole food meal. But you can certainly take it on an off day between meals.


Thanks very much.


Good info so far. No doubt Mag-10 works perfectly between meals as a protein pulse, like the guys said.

I personally tend to have a serving of Mag-10 right before bed, as a recovery boost through the night.

Very first thing in the AM (sometimes mixed with a Spike) is also an option.


Great Info. Thanks guys!