Mag-10® Usage Question

evonalmen asks:

I was looking to purchase some of the Mag-10® and use it primarily post-workout. I currently consume around 40g whey (isolate mainly) with 40-80g carbs within 20 minutes post-workout. Then, about an hour later, I typically consume a solid food meal.

I noticed that on the “supplement facts” section for this product, it reads that one should take a dose an hour after training and possibly a second dose an hour after that. With that said, my question is, do I still consume the post-workout shake after training and then the Mag-10® instead of the solid food meal, or do I consume nothing “immediately” post-workout, except for Mag 10® an hour after?

I was just wondering what the best way to use the product was.

Ideally train, then use Mag-10 an hour after, then food after it. But having Mag-10 with a post-workout meal isn’t the worst thing because the protein is still very quickly absorbed. That’s a big benefit of the di- and tripeptides.

Or if you wanted to, you could put Mag-10 between two non-workout meals some other time of day for more of a protein pulse approach.

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