Mag-10 Right After Training vs 1 Hr After?


I see on here it’s better to take MAG-10 one hour after training? By the time I get him from work, workout with plazma I can be done working out sometimes late 9 PM, so I’ve been downing MAG-10 right after I workout to save space for a meal within the next couple of hours before bed. Is that ok?

Breakfast 8:30 am

11:30 - MAG-10 (snack )

2:30 / 3 PM - Lunch

5/ 5:30 MAG-10

7:30 / 8pm Plazma predicated with Indigo 3g

9:30/10 MAG-10

11 pm dinner (sometimes earlier depending on who early get to gym / length of workout


We get that question a lot, and all we can say is that it seems to working great both ways (right after training and 1 hour after finishing intra-workout Plazma). So, whatever best fits your schedule. There’s never really a “bad” time for a Mag-10 pulse.


thanks Chris i have been having it a half hour to an hour after and its working amazingly well