Mag-10 Questions

Had to add this, I’m using Surge Workout Fuel and Mag-10 for CrossFit. I am totally sold on its ability to help my recovery. It has me looking for more weights after the metcons.

  1. Where does the absorption of Mag-10 happen? Stomach or after that?
  2. How long after a serving is it estimated that the product is in the bloodstream?
  3. When eating after a Mag-10 dose, is it good to eat more of a certain macro?
  4. Is Mag-10 better 30 minutes before a big burrito at 8PM or better after, at 10PM before bed? Just not exactly sure how this works.
  5. Could one take Metabolic drive a few hours prior to a Mag-10 dose to increase total protein uptake during a spike?

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