Mag-10 Question

TheDeepVoicedItalian asks:

I’m curious about Mag-10 and the way I use it. I’m the type that doesn’t really use carbs after a workout, more of a better absorbing protein ratio type. And was wondering, if I took one scoop after a workout, would it give me a better benefit rather than the two scoop serving size.

Also I do hear about protein pulsing, but would rather just have the protein powder as a go to supplement on workout days and sometimes non-workout days, mainly post workout, or in the morning on non-workout days. Would this product be of any use and benefit to me just strictly post workout alone? Thanks for your help.

On a side note I’m loving the Dead-Squat Bar I received from you. It’s awesome!

  1. For best results, follow the label directions of <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10. Also, read the store page carefully; you’ll note that the carbs in Mag-10 and the protein are very different than whole-food carbs and cannot be categorized the same way.

  2. Good article on protein pulsing:

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