MAG-10 PWO & Indigo-3G Question

The label on Plazma recommends one dose of MAG-10 for post workout recovery. Does MAG-10 fit anywhere into the V-Diet? I’ve read older threads where people have used it as a pulse on non workout days. I will incorporate it if it is recommended since I have it.

Should we take Indigo-3G before our HSM and before our workout (Plazma)? Will it add anything to the V-Diet or is it best to use it in the transition?

  1. Mag-10 can be used as part of the V-Diet but it’s not necessary. I’d prefer people stick to the plan, see how that works, then adjust only if needed after a couple of weeks. But yes, Mag-10 could be used about an hour after finishing Plazma on workout days or just used as a “pulse” on off days between shakes.

  2. If using Indigo-3G on the V-Diet, it’s best used before your pre-load of Plazma. And remember, Indigo is active in the body for at least 6 hours, so that may “cover” the HSM as well depending on when you train. On off days, just have it before the HSM.

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