MAG-10 Pulses

Had some questions about integrating MAG-10 pulses into the V-Diet. I found a variety of threads covering some of the ways that they have been used but most seem to be fairly old and I know the formula has changed at least once so I was hoping to get some clarification about correct usage.

1 - If I want to replace some of the shakes with MAG-10 pulses do I swap serving for serving? They have different amounts of cals, but are also different beasts in how they are processed so I wasn’t sure.

2 - As I understand it we could integrate a Pulse Fast up to two times per week. If taking this approach would I spread the pulses out the same as the shakes (~3 hrs apart) or would larger pulses spread further apart be more effective so the pulse has time to clear the system?

3 - If doing a Pulse Fast does one still take all of the other supplementation that day (Superfood, Flameout, etc.)?

Thanks for any insight.

  • Chris

Keep in mind you can’t do this drink-per-shake daily because, well, that’s called anorexia given the difference in calories. (I know that you know this, but some folks reading this may not.) But tossing in an occasional Pulse Fast day is fine. No more than once per week if following the V-Diet the rest of the time. On those days, I’d suggest a Mag-10 pulse every 3 hours or so. And that would be best done on an off day or a walk-only day. And it’s fine to skip the other supplements on those days.

Thanks Chris, I am hoping the occasional replacement will help with compliance since I find any whey based shake pretty horrid. My prior V-Diets have always been limited to two week stretches because of that.

Sorry, but it wasn’t clear to me in regards to replacement: Since the MAG-10 pulse serving is 127 cals and a single serving of Metabolic Drive is 110 cals should I replace servings 1:1 when I do swap out a shake for a pulse (e.g. 4 scoops MAG-10 to replace 2 scoops Metabolic Drive) and not worry about the few extra cals the pulsing will provide?

  • Chris

Okay, so you’re looking to just add in pulses to the V-Diet on the same day as shakes? Sorry, I thought you wanted to do a Pulse Fast day here and there during the V-Diet.

You really can’t think of one supplement replacing the other. Totally different beasts. Do not do 4 servings of Mag-10 at once. It’s not made for that and could affect you poorly. That’s the equivalent of over 400 grams of conventional protein… at once. Not good or remotely necessary.

Just replace a Metabolic Drive shake with a pulse: 1 serving of Mag-10. But not often, and not everyday. Again, dropping calories that low = anorexia.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful but you’re mixing and matching two different plans so there’s no “right” answer really because you’re not following the rulebook so to speak.

No problem at all, I was curious about both. Thanks for your insight, it definitely helps. I will stick with just occasionally replacing a shake as my distaste for the shakes dictates and if I want to do a Pulse Fast I will place it on a non-workout day.

  • Chris

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