MAG-10 Pulses on V-Diet

Hey Chris,
Today I’m going to start a V-Diet/pulse fast & I’m looking to add pulses to my daily shake routine. Sorry if this has been answered before but would you use a MAG-10 pulse to replace a shake or do you add them in along with your daily shakes?

There are several experimental ways of doing this, and myself and some other readers have all had success with various methods. There are no “rules” yet as experimentation is still going on.

One method is to simply do the V-Diet but toss in two Pulse Fast MAG-10-only days per week.

Another ideas is to pulse all day (every 2-3 hours) then have a solid healthy meal at night along with workout nutrition on lifting days.

Finally, one could alternate Metabolic Drive shakes with pulses, one solid meal per week, V-Diet style.

Check the other recent posts here in Ask Chris. We have some people trying different versions. Also, the Biotest Supplement Advice forum has some other details and twists:

Awesome, thanks Chris! I’ll be sure to check it out.

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