MAG-10 Pulses for Fat Loss?

hey Chris:

I want to lose body fat and maintain if not gain muscle before a vacation in august. I started the new MAG-10 protocol, of pulsing every two hours, bookending my workouts with Finibars, and also taking single dose Indigo and Plazma intra. Is this still the best recommended approach?

My HSM in the evening lately has been chicken or beef, lots of green veggies and a little rice or sometimes a plain baked potato. On off days, which is usually sunday for me, should I still pulse all meals except my evening meal? One last question, is there a limit to how long you can follow this plan?

That’s the exact approach I use when I want to shed some fat quickly without comprising workout quality or progress in the gym.

The HSM sounds good. You just have to control overall calories in that meal. It’s easy to over-shoot a little with too many good fats (nut products, oils etc.) So that’s the area of the plan you can really tweak to fit your needs and progress. And the keep the old “fist-sized portion of starch” rule for carbs. I like a little rice or a few small red potatoes.

Yes, I’d do this same plan without the workout nutrition on off days. Just the solid healthy meal at night with Indigo-3G taken before it. That would really speed fat loss along.

Since there’s a solid healthy meal, you could stay on this plan for a long time, maybe adding in Superfood (a few hours away from Indigo to prevent any interference) and Flameout for a good nutrition foundation.

Thank you Chris… I am really liking this approach so far. I am a former pulse faster and I really like the results from that plan, but this most recent approach is a lot easier, I dont feel like I am “dieting” or starving.

Its only been a few days since I have started but i have found that I am sometimes still hungry an hour or so after my HSM, should I increase the size of the meal, or add a pulse after my HSM.

Again thank you chris for all your help!

You may need to add some volume to the meal. You can pack in veggies for volume, but also make sure all the macros are represented. Sometimes we’re “hungry” even when mechanically full simple because we’re missing something. Usually it’s carbs, and it doesn’t take much of an increase to feel satisfied. Rice and potatoes (any type) are the way to go.

I like a Mag-10 pulse at night too. Sometimes I’ll purposefully have a smaller dinner when fat loss is the main goal, then pulse before bed (or even in the middle of the night when I get up top hit the head.)

I have lost aroun seven pounds of scale weight while continuing this MAG-10 approach. I like the convienence of not having to bring food everyday to work. My question is I want to lose more weight before I go on a trip August sixth, should I stay on this plan? Maybe have some pulse fast days added in? I am still currently doing a pulse every two hours bookended my workouts with fink bars, using plazma, and zma before bed. Is this my best approach is there Anyway to speed up the process? I also added some sprints and battle ropes.

Well, fat loss can only be optimized, which I think you’re already doing, but it can’t be made even faster without some sacrifice, and we don’t want you to lose muscle. But with Mag-10’s anti-catabolic properties, I doubt that would happen, so feel free to add in some ropes or sprints using my “conditioning not cardio” guidelines. And an occasional full Pulse Fast day would be fine, but no more than twice per week.

On the days after I do a pulse fast do I continue with pulses during the day and meal at night,or do I eat healthy meals throughout the day? I want to make sure I am taking advantage of the rebound effect, and also that I am consuming enough calories with just the pulses and a meal at night to stimulate fat loss.

I am really enjoying this plan, but I want to make sure that I am doing everything correctly to optimize fat loss. Sorry for all the questions, but I want to make sure there is not anything I am missing. I value and appreciate your advice, thank you Chris.

I answered this in the other section.

Ok thanks Chris, I think I am just over thinking all this. I am going to stick with the plan as prescribed and keep you updated. Thank you again.

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