MAG-10 Pulse Feast

So I just received 3 bottles of MAG-10 along with some Metabolic Drive and Finibars. I am leaning towards doing an 8-week cutting phase (don’t really care for that term) but anyways I want to lean out while staying strong.

Is there a new method with the newer MAG-10 formula? Here is my proposed plan:

4am- Finibar
4:30-5:30am- workout
6am- MAG-10
9am- MAG-10
11:30am- MAG-10
1:30am- MAG-10
5pm- HSM
8pm- Metabolic Drive or cottage cheese

If I am doing the strength layer system with this setup, I don’t know if Plazma is really necessary. Maybe one scoop pre-wo? Lower reps and heavy weight just doesn’t seem to be as metabolically taxing as compared to a traditional fat loss/complex style of training.

I’m doing the “3 times ramp+clusters” version of the layer system right now plus BW ring dips/pull-ups and if it wasn’t for 3 scoops of Plazma I would probably start craving human flesh by the time I got home. Right now I’m doing:
2 MAG-10 pulses
3 Plazma
1 MAG-10 pulse
lowish fat/high carb meal (usually 250g chicken, 125g rice, lots of vegetables)
moderate fat/moderate carb meal (beef jambalaya most of the time, then rice cakes until I’m not hungry)
Then usually 40g protein+some rice cakes soon before bed, based on hunger.

To tell you the truth, I work out within 45 min of waking and have only been using a Finibar and coffee beforehand. (Sometimes an additional 1/2 bar or a banana is consumed). I never feel deprived of energy and am making gains in strength as well. I have been using surge recovery post wo so that will be a switch. To be honest, I’m not really hungry after training either. I wouldn’t want solid food for sure.

Limited income hurts. Hopefully funds will increase soon and I can do MAG-10 and plazma like I want to.

Your plan looks solid. I did something very similar a while back (MAG-10 during the night instead of Metabolic Drive pre-bed, plus 2 servings of Plazma for training) and the fat loss was fast and painless. Hit PRs too. Let us know how it works for you!

Will do Chris! Thank you. I’ll post a before/after pic. Give me 2 months!!

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