MAG-10 Pulse Fast

I used to use the MAG-10 Pulse Fast. Then MAG-10 got reformulated, and I was stuck wih extra Anaconda, and no way to use the MAG-10 Pulse Fast. Is there a replacement protocol for the MAG-10 Pulse Fast?

We don’t have official Pulse Fast protocol posted right now, but there are several new variations we’ve been using with success. Many T Nation readers are already reporting great results after seeing where we discussed these new methods elsewhere on the site.

Also, you’re not really “stuck” with the Anaconda. Just use per label directions for weight training. Still a fine supplement.

Here’s one protocol we’ve been using, plus some options:

  1. Pulse with the new <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 formula once every 2-3 hours during the day.

  2. If you’re training that day, use <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma (or your Anaconda) per label directions.

  3. Have a solid healthy meal in the evening that supports your physique goals.


  1. Many T Nation members have been “bookending” their workouts with a <a href=""target=“new”>Finibar. So for a mid-morning trainer, the plan may look like this:

Breakfast: Finibar and Mag-10
Training: Your usual workout nutrition supplement
Finibar post-workout
Pulse with Mag-10 every 2-3 hours until dinner.
Eat a solid healthy meal as the last feeding of the day.

This above plan is especially good for those who are very busy during the day and don’t have time for a lot of food preparation. The advantage of the solid meal at night means you can Pulse Fast every day, compared to the old plan where there was no solid food and it was recommended you only Pulse Fast once or twice per week.

  1. Many also prefer to use <a href=""target=“new”>Brain Candy in the AM upon waking. Power Drive, as prescribed in the original Pulse Fast protocol, is fine too, but most have switched to Brain Candy.

  2. If using this method on a non-workout day, simply pulse every 2-3 hours until your solid dinner at night.

  3. If using this as an all-liquid semi-fast, you’d just skip dinner and pulse with Mag-10 instead.

Hope that helps. Any questions, just ask away!

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