MAG-10 Pulse Fast Experiment


After 2 V-Diets, i am giving the MAG-10 pulse a try. a few years ago i lost 13.5 lbs on the diet but was not able to stay the course and keep it off. I am not mentally in the right frame of mind to go another 28 days, so I thought i would try a two week MAG-10 pulse fast experiment…two fasg per week with healthy meals in between. So here goes the plan for week one…

Saturday July 28: brain candy/pulse fast…am 1 hour hike
Sunday…eat 3-4 HSM’s…am 1.5 hour hike
Monday…eat 3-4 HSM’s…noon lift/HIT
Tuesday…eat 3-4 HSM’s…HIIT
Wednesday…brain candy/pulse fast…noon lift/HIIT
Thursday…eat 3-4 HSM’s…rest
Friday…eat 3-4 HSM’s…noon lift
Saturday…weigh-in for week one results.

Starting stats:
Wt 152.8
Chest 37
Rt upper arm 12.5
Waist 29.25
Belly 32
Hips 39.75
Thigh 25


So far so good, food has been healthy limiting carbs to post workout and today is my second pulse fast day. First pulse was at 8:30am, then at 11:45 pre workout, then at 2(1 hr post workout). I was ready for that pulse cuz i was hungry!! Now with that pulse finished i just feel empty but no starving. I will drink another 40oz of water before the next pulse at 5 and then the last pulse at 8pm. This fast is a little different then Saturday with the lifting workout but i will make it through just fine