MAG-10-Pulse Fast Diary


I will be beginning a MAG-10 Pulse fast diary starting on Monday with complete before and after pictures including, workouts, cardio work, diet, water intake, weight etc. I am hoping for som eof the results that some readers have had … the good ones… I ordered 2 tubs of this so we will see… Stay tuned.


Interested in hearing about your results. Keep us posted!


Well we have started the Pulse Fast as of today. Starting weight: 180lbs 14% body fat. Yesterday food intake 4 egg whites 3 whole eggs, some cheese, 3 pieces of bacon, and 1/2 cup of mcanns steel cut oats. Second Breakfast consisted of chobani plain greek yogurt with some fresh pomagranites.
lunch 1- consisted of 1 1/2 chicken breast with spinach dried cranberries, cheese, teasspoon of dressing.
Lunch 2- 1/2 cup black beans pinch of cheese and 1 1/2 chicken breast
Pre Workout- was Grilled mahi burger, with avedia, broochli, 1/2 cup of mung beans and 1/2 cup of basamatti rice.
Post Workout- 1 cup of blended oatmeal, 2 scoops of grow, 1 teaspoon of peanutbutter, 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of water bleneded wiht ice.
Dinner- 3 chicken sausages with peppers and onions.
Nothing after 845pm, 3L of water consumed.

Work out was IBodybuilder- Back Monday workout. Cardio work was my version of prowler. weight on a flat bench pushing it around the gym attach ropes to work on pull. Attached are the pictures front pose morning before start of fast.


regular pose


back pose


back regular

Bit of a bio- 5’10 180 14%bf, 27yo, lifting consistant for two years, followed the Ibodybuilder program from February-June with great sucess. Play and coach soccer in the fall back in the gym again. Looking to just be a bit leaner under 10%.

Some of my lifts include 315lb bench 280 dead, 350 squat. all for 2-4 reps. Cardio consists of “PROWLER” or cardio via elliptical or treadmill in a HITT fashion. ABS are trained on full body days’ twice a week.


I don’t know what people are saying but as I type this at 11pm I am starving, and want to eat. Lost 3 1/2lbs today and right away i noticed leanness in my stomach area. Energy level was fine until 3pm where i felt like i wanted to pass out, but once i got to the gym things were fine. In terms of being hungry, once i occupied myself, i.e. work, gym, Call of Duty being hungry wasn’t a factor. I will follow up with more pictures tomorrow as well as everything else.


here are some images the day after. Moving forward i was happy to eat after…It is weird what we take for granted… EATING… anyways on 12.8.10 i did some bench rowing i.e. my version of the prowler till i was told at LA Fitnness ps Paul is a coke dealer… that it may rip the rug. How can a smooth object rip a carpet is beyond me.

Anyways here was the workout plan. Tuesday day of fast did full body, on Wednesday day after i did ibodybuilder Wednesday workout, today I did Ibodybuilder Friday Back workout Cardio consisted of 20 minute HITT session on Elliptical… Diet for yesterday was following.
Breakfast was 4 egg whites 4 whole eggs, 2 ckn sausage, 2 waffles. Breakfast 2 was homemade sweet potato pancakes- 505calories 35g pro, 55g carb, Lunch consisted of Chicken beans and cheese and chobani yogurt, lunch 2 consisted mahi mahi burger, broccoli, 1 cup of combo of mung beans and basammati rice. Post work out was 2sccops of whey, dinner was 8oz bison burger with onions mushrooms, and potattoes. Today was more easy going 6egg split whole/white, 2 waffles, ckn sausage, peanutbutter. breakfast 2 yogurt chobani, with 2 pieces of gluten bread and smoked salmon mayo. Lunch spinanch and argula mix with 8oz chicken breast dried cranberries, goat cheese, dressing. lunch 2 was mahi mahi burger mung beans rice and broccoli. anyways here are the pictures following the day after the fast.


day after fast…


day after fast second phohto


2 days after fast in the am… will have better picture tommorow. Water intake again 2 1/2 Liters to 3 1/2 liters of water… Weight 179 179 1/2 Lost about 3lbs… But feel much leaner today two days after the fast… Will do next one on Monday… Here is one from 2 days after fast…


Well here is friday’s pictures. Did I,Bodybuilder Saturday work out as i am in a bit of a time crunch. Diet intake was the usual food intake. 6 egg split with 2 ckn sausage, cheese, and 2 gluten free waffles. Breakfast 2 was chobani yogurt lunch 1 was mahi mahi burger broccoli, lunch 2 was 10oz bison meat with onions, cheese, eggplant. Preworkout= beans and cheese post 2scoop whey dinner shrimp and brown rice pasta glass of wine. Water intake was 1 gallon of water. Weight 179. next fast will be on Monday


one more from friday


Your abs are comin out


Either Your lats are bigger or your core leaned out. Or both lol. Either way looking good. Think I might give it a shot.

Thnks for your updates man.


wich flavor is better? Anyway?


Any more progress pics, or have you stopped?


[quote]memog805 wrote:
wich flavor is better? Anyway?[/quote]

Berry is better than orange, but I always mix the orange with the Power Drive, which tastes like bootie on it’s own, so it probably fucks up the flavor of the drink anyway.


[quote]alin wrote:
Any more progress pics, or have you stopped?[/quote]

Yeah - looks like he stopped. Shame as I want to see a long run on this stuff.