Mag-10 Pulse and Fats

Hi Chris,

I warched in the past, how some pros like Meadows, in their guidlines recommend use Mag-10 plus nuts or some fruit like berries.

Do you think if I put Mag-10 plus 2 tbsp of MCT mixed up with a blender, the micelles formed could slow down Mag-10 absorption?

Yes, that would likely negatively affect <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10, at least when it comes to the protein pulsing effect discussed on the product page. You’d still get the nutrition, of course, but the peak and valley effect would be diminished for sure adding liquid fat.

I agree.

I think that it’s missing the big picture.

I think that some people only see the effect of the di and tri-peptides on the many physiological processes (di and tri-peptides are not merely “broken down protein”… they actually have near-pharmacological effects) which aren’t linked to its speed of absorption.

So in that regard it is true that having a shot of MAG-10 with nuts will “work”.

But it can’t be considered “pulsing”. Pulsing requires a lightning fast absorption as well as a fast transport to the muscles… creating a big difference in the peak of blood amino acid level and it’s low point. The variation between both is what makes pulsing anabolic.

Ingesting anything that will slow down the absorption of MAG-10 will therefore rob you of one of the main benefits of pulsing.

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