MAG-10 Pre/Peri Possible?

After reading Wendler’s endorsement of MAG-10 I was so excited that I ordered the 4-pack and thereby blew my supplement budget for the month.

I was wondering if it’s effective to use MAG-10 before and during a workout as well as after. Would it be sipped throughout? Pulsed?

What I’ve been doing is having a bowl of oatmeal before training, water during, and MAG-10 after.

I figure there’s gotta be a better way with what I have (only MAG-10).

Optimal times for <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 pulses are 30 minutes prior to meals, between meals that are at least six hours apart, and post-workout, when the body is already in a hyper-responsive state and needs the additional protein.

Many MAG-10 users also sip a serving throughout a conditioning or cardio-style workout to squash any catabolic activity.

While <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma is the best workout formula to use just before and during a weight-training session, MAG-10 would be far superior to oatmeal and water. You could sip a serving during training, then pulse about an hour post-workout. For the most intense sessions, pulse again an hour after that.

Thanks for the reply Chris. Plazma will almost certainly be on next month’s auto ship for me.

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