MAG-10 Periworkout Questions

Hi just some questions about periworkout nutrition using only MAG-10, bcaas and a preworkout stimulant (limiting myself to just MAG-10 and no plaza because of price)

1)how do you recommend using MAG-10 surrounding your workout? i know jim wendler wrote that he does a serving before and after so would that be about 30 minutes prior to training? (im limiting myself to two servings a day fyi)

2)if i drink one serving 30 minutes before the workout is their any use in drinking bcaas during the workout? does it interfere or is it pointless or beneficial?

3)does consuming a preworkout stimulant drink (not Biotest) interfere with the MAG-10 that i consume around the same time?


  1. If limited to two servings of <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 for workout time, yes, before and after is a good protocol. You could also begin sipping serving #1 just before the workout and the drink the rest during, then have another serving post-workout. BTW, if you see this soon, you can get 20% off Plazma and Mag-10 using the promo code PM20 (ends Monday, Oct. 21st.)

  2. It would not hurt.

  3. It may depend on what’s in it, but if it’s just a stimulant it should not interfere.

Another option that may fit your budget and be more effective than your plan is to drink one serving of <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma pre-workout, then a serving of Mag-10 after. That single pre-load serving of Plazma will do more for you than any “NO2” type of product (which have been show not to illicit any muscle growth), assuming that’s what your preworkout supplement contains. Dropping that and adding a serving of Plazma may better fit your budget and would certainly be more effective. And if you need s stimulant, most are just caffeine which you can get in generic tablet form for pennies.

alrighty, thanks for the response! ill take a deeper look into the pricing differences

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