MAG-10 Overnight/Waking


Will we have a more pronounced effect overnight drinking a pulse all at once upon waking, compared to splitting half and half over the course of the night?

Prob not, but maybe a better way to go all at once.

Both methods are effective, and it may come down to simple practicality. For example, you want to have your “midnight” <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 when you wake naturally at night, usually when you have to use the bathroom or between the “first” and “second” sleep cycles that TC wrote about recently. That natural waking may only happen once per night, so then it’s best to consume a whole serving of Mag-10.

If you wake up naturally a couple of times, sure, you could have half each time. I haven’t personally noticed a difference; both methods work the same, which is quite good! A few Mag-10 users also prefer to sip it throughout the night because slugging back a whole serving wakes them up too much. So, whichever method you prefer. As long as you don’t set an alarm to do it, you’re good to go.

it’s better to set your alarm. I normally never wake “naturally” unless i have 9+hours sleep.

[quote]redgladiator wrote:
it’s better to set your alarm. I normally never wake “naturally” unless i have 9+hours sleep.[/quote]

I hate to see anyone unnaturally disrupt the sleep cycle. It’s too important. I’d rather have someone have a pre-bed or first-thing-in-the-morning pulse than to set an alarm.

But I’m biased. I haven’t used an alarm in years for any reason other than to catch a crazy-early flight.

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