MAG-10 Overnight and Update

Hi Chris,

A small question and an update. I find it very convenient to prepare MAG-10 the night before and store it in the fridge and drink it first thing in the morning – MAG-10 can go about 8 hrs in the fridge, right?

Also, after some experimentation, I’ve settled on a proper eating plan. 6:30 am - MAG-10, 7:00 Coffee, 7:30 1/2 cup oatmeal+whey+raisins, 9:00 am I3G, 9:30 am - Finibar, 10:00 am Train with SWF, Post: MAG-10 + Creatine malate.

I am usually tempted to drink another coffee after I3G and before the Finibar – is this okay?

I am going to continue with this morning routine for three weeks and evaluate.


Longer than 8 hours if kept in the fridge.

Coffee is fine with Indigo-3G. Tea could interfere, so we suggest avoiding it just to be safe, at least close to the time you take Indigo.

Keep us posted!

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