MAG-10 or Plazma for Greater Fat Loss?

So I recently started using MAG-10 recently after the New Year and already have been able to feel the difference in my workouts and beginning to see changes in my physique. I’m currently doing a Pulse Fast on Saturdays and taking one serving subsequent to my workouts every other day after training. I’ve been on a strict diet, with a pretty hefty caloric deficit, for close to 8 months now and have continued through my use of MAG-10. I’m considering either adding another pulse of MAG-10 prior to my workouts (appx 30-60 mins). or trying out Plazma and using that during my workout and keep the single pulse of MAG-10 for after (appx 60 mins)


  1. Which combination would result in greater fat loss/muscle retention?
  2. What are the benefits/costs of each approach?
  3. If I went with the Plazma route, should I sub-out my current peri-nutrition and BCAAs?

Coo, thanks for reposting over here. It’s just the place for all the Plazma, Mag-10, and other Biotest talk. And you can see more feedback from other lifters and their supplement plans in the other threads.

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  1. Which combination would result in greater fat loss/muscle retention?[/quote]
    Plazma before and during training, followed by Mag-10 after would be the best approach for maximum results. The Plazma has a better carb and protein profile, plus some other ingredients to help performance during the workout and recovery after. Following the training with a Mag-10 will reinforce the recovery ASAP.

Not really sure how to answer this question. This article talks about the why the casein hydrolysate (that’s in both Mag-10 and Plazma) is the best type of protein for that job.

Using just Mag-10 before lifting, instead of Plazma, can do in a pinch, but Plazma was fully designed to fuel weight training. Mag-10 is sometimes used for “easier” sessions or cardio/conditioning-only work that requires less overall intensity and recovery than lifting.

As for cost, it depends on a few factors (like if you buy in bulk to get the store discount, how many servings per session, etc.) but you’re looking at maybe $5-7 per workout total, for Mag-10 and Plazma. And remember that replaces the BCAAs and whatever else you’re using peri-workout. Those two are the whole shebang, nothing extra necessary.

Yep, Plazma is top of the line and replaces whatever else you’re using before or during training.

Hi Chris,

Does this mean that Plasma and Mag-10 are more effective than Surge Workout and Surge Recovery? Do they complement each other? Should Surge combined w/ Plazma before and during training, followed by Surge Recovery + Mag-10 after workout would be the best approach for maximum results?

I was in a bad car wreck a few years ago and am going back to the gym soon. I have 45+ pounds to lose (currently 225).

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