Mag-10 or Indigo-3G for Bulking Cycle?

I’ve already got most of my supplement bases covered with Curcumin, Flameout, Z-12, Metabolic Drive and Plazma. However, I have a little extra wiggle room in my budget for Mag-10 or Indigo-3G. I’m wondering which would be more beneficial. I’m about to enter a bulking cycle after about 4 months of calorie restriction and high in-season training demands. Any opinions would be great.

I’d go with Indigo-3G or Micro-PA. Because your protein intake is covered between your diet, Plazma during training, and Metabolic Drive during the day, the Mag-10 isn’t exactly “necessary.” Definitely helpful, but it’d be a different protein source, while Indigo or Micro-PA work by different mechanisms.

If you’re currently carrying some bodyfat, go with the Indigo-3G so you the insulin sensitivity-boosting effects can help you bulk up without having to restrict carbs.

If you’re already kinda lean, I’d go for Micro-PA, especially if you tweak your training a bit to use more old school bodybuilding methods that maximize time under tension, so the mTor benefits from Micro-PA can be optimized.

Thanks, I guess I just overlooked Micro-PA! I’ll most likely go with Micro-PA, as I’m sub 10% body fat right now and was planning on using The Best Damn Workout Plan for naturals, which has quite a few intensity techniques targeting mTor.

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For sure then, that’d be the way to go. Get your diet in line to grow and you’ll be right on track.

Also make sure you’ve checked out Part 2 of the article. It goes into some more detail and troubleshoots some common questions.

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