Mag-10 or Indigo-3G for Bulking Cycle?


I’ve already got most of my supplement bases covered with Curcumin, Flameout, Z-12, Metabolic Drive and Plazma. However, I have a little extra wiggle room in my budget for Mag-10 or Indigo-3G. I’m wondering which would be more beneficial. I’m about to enter a bulking cycle after about 4 months of calorie restriction and high in-season training demands. Any opinions would be great.


I’d go with Indigo-3G or Micro-PA. Because your protein intake is covered between your diet, Plazma during training, and Metabolic Drive during the day, the Mag-10 isn’t exactly “necessary.” Definitely helpful, but it’d be a different protein source, while Indigo or Micro-PA work by different mechanisms.

If you’re currently carrying some bodyfat, go with the Indigo-3G so you the insulin sensitivity-boosting effects can help you bulk up without having to restrict carbs.

If you’re already kinda lean, I’d go for Micro-PA, especially if you tweak your training a bit to use more old school bodybuilding methods that maximize time under tension, so the mTor benefits from Micro-PA can be optimized.


Thanks, I guess I just overlooked Micro-PA! I’ll most likely go with Micro-PA, as I’m sub 10% body fat right now and was planning on using The Best Damn Workout Plan for naturals, which has quite a few intensity techniques targeting mTor.


For sure then, that’d be the way to go. Get your diet in line to grow and you’ll be right on track.

Also make sure you’ve checked out Part 2 of the article. It goes into some more detail and troubleshoots some common questions.