Mag-10 or Cold Meals at Night?


Hey Chris,
With pre-bed Mag-10 being the new thing all the cool kids are doing I’m considering picking up another order. I work six nights a week and I’m given a meal in the middle of it but normally the food is garbage. Sugar coated sauces and dressings, very little vegetables, bunch of wheat, etc. I was wondering if I could have one scoop of Mag-10 instead to cover my shift (six hours) and then one scoop before I go to bed.

Or if you have any suggestions for some cold meals I can bring along (no access to a microwave there).


I’d go with a full servings, 2 scoops of new MAG-10 formula, if using it as pulse (pre-bed or between solid meals).

My favorite quick meal is pre-cooked rice mixed protein powder and a little water or almond milk to make a rice pudding. Using vanilla Metabolic Drive and cinnamon is my favorite. Or chocolate protein powder and a handful of nuts.

I put my in a LunchBot stainless tub and store in fridge or cooler until needed, then add water and stir right before eating.