Mag-10® & Metabolic Drive® Okay Together?

Lois asks:

Aloha Biotest Team!

I’m hoping you can help me determine if I should take the Mag-10® in addition to the Metabolic Drive®? I am female, wanting to increase/build greater muscle mass. My diet is super clean (I have an IFBB trainer monitoring my diet and training), calorie intake is between 1200 lowest when I’m feeling fat – 1600 max calorie diet per day. I do cardio (not too intense or long to preserve muscle) on average 5-6 times a week for 20-30 minutes to keep the fat down as well as weight training 6 times a week for about an 1 1/2 hours.

May I couple the two products daily or only take one or the other?

If I can take both and considering my calorie intake how much can I afford to take/consume? Still need room for food calories.

Will the Mag-10® help me with greater results in muscle gain?

What flavoring do I need to mix with it?

Thank you for the Metabolic Drive®. Stuff is delicious. Make the Chocolate flavor into a Hershey’s syrup consistency and drizzle it on everything (including my Okinawan sweet potatoes, oats, strawberries-it goes well with anything)!

The Flame® Out is amazing! The first product I’ve ever taken that truly helps with my muscle soreness after workout. Can’t wait to take in the evenings. Only takes about 15 minutes to feel it working easing stiffness and soreness. Helps me sleep.

Thank you in advance for reading this, your time, consideration and products,

You can definitely use both supplements together. I have been using both of these products for about 5 years now. I use Mag-10 post workout and I use Metabolic Drive as a protein supplement anytime during the day. It’s also awesome to bake with… I use it for protein muffins and protein ice cream etc…

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The flavoring comes with the Mag-10 when you order it. They have a a variety of flavors to choose from - my favorite is the Blue Raz and Grape! 1 capful is a good amount for one serving but it’s all about personal preference, some people prefer more or less.

You definitely could, depending on what you’re looking to use them for. This article explains the different benefits of the different types of protein.

You could definitely use both, but again, because they’re different types of protein (one fast-acting the other slower digesting), they can be used in different ways. Mag-10 can actually be used during a workout. A lot of people use it during cardio to further help prevent muscle loss. Metabolic Drive, because it’s slower digesting, isn’t great to have around training, but it can make a great meal replacement-type shake because it’s more satisfying and leaves you feeling fuller longer.

You can also blend Metabolic Drive with other things (milk, peanut butter, fruit, etc.) to make a more nutrient-dense shake. Mag-10 is best taken on its own, especially between meals because it can create an even higher muscle-building response (explained in-depth here).

It’s a super-high quality protein that’s very efficiently absorbed so your body can use it to rebuild from training. So, yep.

Mag-10 comes with your choice of liquid intensified flavor and al of them are pretty awesome, so it’s really your call as to what you like. Some people play around and mix a few together for their own custom blends, like grape-berry or lemon-orange.

Bronwen, thanks so much for your helpful response! Won’t hesitate to order.

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