MAG-10 Late Night

Hi Chris, thanks for reading! Looking ahead, one of my V-Diet/HSM Saturday nights I have a late night gig that doesn’t start until 9pm, ends at 12 and I won’t be home until around 2am. I’m going to eat my HSM before I leave, and bring my last shake with me. I’ll probably wind up having it around 9 or 10, but would a MAG-10 pulse be ok on the way home afterwards if I’m hungry?

I usually go to bed around 10 or 11 at the latest, I’m a little worried about how it’ll affect my nutrition for the day during the V-Diet. Also, one of my pulse fast days is Sunday, if I have a MAG-10 pulse late the night before should I still do the pulse fast Sunday or move it to a different day? Thank you very much!

Yes, anytime is a good time for a MAG-10 pulse. You never have to worry about the calories because the overall effect is very stimulatory toward the metabolism, leading to fat loss. And Sunday should be fine as is. No need to switch things up.

Great, thank you very much!

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