Mag-10 In a Calorie Deficit, Reduces Fatigue?

I’ve found that, when in a deep calorie deficit (thus fatigued, moody, hungry), Mag-10 has been disproportionately effective at reducing the symptoms vs. a whey shake or some snack with similar calories/macros. Why is this? Is it producing a more profound blood sugar spike?

I don’t think it’s just a blood sugar spike though, as I don’t get a crash an hour later (as I would if I ate a sugary snack).

Plazma does this too… But despite having nearly half the calorie total, the symptom reduction from Mag-10 actually feels slightly stronger.

Mag-10 is designed not to cause a significant insulin spike, so it wouldn’t be that. Probably a combination of the protein and carb sources going to work and, likely more significant, the hydration benefit.

Mag-10 does deliberately include a full electrolyte formula, with a good hit of sodium in particular. Fatigued, moody, hungry can all also be low-key symptoms of mild dehydration, so I’d wager it’s addressing the issue that front.

Thanks, Chris! Appreciate the reply.

I think this is likely – I almost certainly under-consume sodium (or over-consume water…).

Interesting that Mag-10 does not cause a significant insulin spike. Given how insulinogenic WPI is, I wouldn’t expect this.

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