Mag-10 immediately PWO


I have been using Plazma Pre and Intra WO and I am loving it! Question on Mag-10, does it hurt to drink Mag-10 immediately after my WO even though I just got finished my Plazma? It says to wait an hour but due to time crunch from working out in the early am I am pressed for time to get my meal in once I get home from the gym after consuming Mag-10.

Thank You!

One of the mods may have more to add, but if you’re crunched for time, no I don’t think there’s any problem there. If you waited an hour you may get a little more of the “pulsing” effect as your insulin levels drop after the workout is over, but the recovery benefits will be the same. So, no, definitely doesn’t hurt!

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Awesome thank you robstein!

Yep, like Rob said, you can have it immediately PWO if that’s how your schedule falls. Guys have done that in similar situations. It’s not “ideal” because you’re not really getting a big protein pulse due to the Plazma still rolling around in your system, but there’s really no wrong time to have some Mag-10.

With that in mind, though, you could try having it with that PWO meal instead of right after training. It’d let the aminos in your system drop a bit (which is a good thing and potentiates that anabolic pulse), and the hydrolyzed casein in Mag-10 basically jump to the front of the digestive line when you eat, so you’re not really slowing it down by having it with food.

Long story short, either way is fine. Try both if you can and see which feels better.

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Thank you Chris! I will wait to have it with my PWO meal as that makes sense! Thank you for your response!

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