MAG-10 for Off and Extended Off Days?



I’m using the Plazma Super Stack right now, and I have a couple of questions about using MAG-10…

I get using it on training days and the day after training as a recovery supplement.

  1. Do I need it on the second day after a training day if that’s going to be an off/recovery day, too?

  2. …and because I see this coming up for me, if I have a training day (day 1), then an off day (day 2), then another off day (day 3)…What if I have to miss my next workout (day 4) and possibly also no training on day 5? Do I still pulse MAG-10 on days 4 and 5?

At that point, am I still hoping that it will help spur muscle-building, or am I trying to prevent muscle loss? If the latter, would we really lose any significant muscle without the MAG-10 on days 4 and 5?

=> Shadowhawk


Don’t over think it. Use MAG-10 post training for muscle building and recovery.

Use MAG-10 on your off days if you want for the general anabolic spike and recovery aid. You don’t HAVE to use it every day unless you want to. For optimal recovery on workout days use post lifting, outside of that any extra pulse is just gravy.


Good answer above. Any time you can fit in a Mag-10 pulse it will be beneficial.


I always protein load and pulse MAG-10 for a solid 48 hours after any given Training session. My assumption is that my body is still recovering during that period and needs the protein then just as much as it does immediately after Training.

On the rare occasions when day 3 is also a recovery day I’ll continue to pulse if i feel like my muscles need it. Beyond that I’m not sure as to the benefit (days 4 and 5 in your example). I think after you’ve been Training for a while and get to know your body you can simply tell when you need it, and when you’d be better off saving those scoops for another time.