Mag-10 for Every Day Use

I am now solely using Mag-10 now for every day use. I feel I have had such good results on it that no other protein can compare.

Keeping in mind that Mag-10 is unlike any other protein out there and with my current workout routine (weights Monday/Friday and HIIT Tues/Wed/Thurs), would supplementing Mag-10 two or three times a day be best?

I currently take Mag-10 as soon as I wake up, mid day between lunch and dinner, and then right before bed. I’m curious the most effective dosing for it.

Also, I notice it has 4g of sugar, would this hinder my fat loss?

Nope, it should be fine. Not all carbs are the same and not all “sugar” is the same. Mag-10 doesn’t really have ingredients that will slow down fat loss.

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