Mag-10 During Contest Prep


I’m doing my contest prep, the first since starting to use Plazma and Mag-10. My plan is to use Mag-10 for protein pulsing, so mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and before bed. It seems like an OK plan, although compared to a protein shake, it’s more like drinking water than having a meal replacement, i.e. not much hunger satiety. Is it better for this type of application? Part of the appeal is technically it’s not high calorie. I’m looking primarily to ensure I don’t become catabolic.






@SBT, thanks for the tag!

@turbodiesel, congratulations on starting your prep! Happy to offer my input as I have prepped for four contests over the past couple years and have used Mag-10 at times, and share what I ultimately settled on for my last prep and felt most successful with.

This is true. I experimented with using Mag-10 for pulses between meals as well as a Mag-10 only day. Mag-10 is a great supplement for getting protein in as quickly as possible, and has numerous advantages for certain applications.

During a prep, every calorie counts with no wiggle room. While I use both Plazma and Mag-10 in the off season, I do not use either during a contest prep, except for a half scoop of Mag-10 with morning pre-breakfast cardio (more on that later.) My first year prepping I used both Plazma and Mag-10, and ultimately found in a prep style cut and caloric deficit, I perform better in the gym and feel better eating solid foods rather than drinking my calories. By my last contest I was eating all whole food meals and not doing any shakes. Again, that’s just what I found best for me. Whole food meals filled me up more, longer and keep in mind the thermal effect of food increases with digestion of protein and fibrous veggies. So, if you drink a 120cal Mag-10 vs a 150cal chicken and broccoli, the net cals will probably be the same but you might feel more satiated on the whole foods.

I ate 5 meals a day, all whole food meals, and pre workout was either Finibars with some Metabolic Drive, or cream of rice with almond butter and Metabolic Drive. Finibars I really enjoyed because they taste great, and when microwaved for 30 seconds come out like a brownie and are perfect with a Metabolic Drive chocolate milk. They feel like a treat, have great macros and high quality carbs and protein, and are easy on the stomach. I’d have the cream of rice with almond butter and Metabolic Drive towards the end of the prep to feel like I was eating more, and would leave me feeling fuller longer.

Ultimately after using Mag-10 in a variety of ways, the way I found the most successful was a half scoop consumed during my morning pre-breakfast cardio session on the incline treadmill or elliptical. This helped ensure I was burning all fat, and holding onto all muscle as the Mag-10 gets into the blood quickly. In the depths of the prep near the end, the only time I think the “catabolic” thing may be an issue, and Mag-10 had me covered at that time.

IMO the only way that would happen is if you’re not getting enough total daily protein or eating insanely low calories, or going more than 3-4 hours between meals. Going catabolic to any significant degree is highly overrated. As long as you’re getting 25 to 30 g of protein with each meal, lifting hard at the gym and keeping some heavy work in your lifting program to make sure your muscles don’t go anywhere, and getting a little bit of Mag-10 with your morning cardio, you will have plenty of muscle insurance.

During a hard prep every aspect should be analyzed and anything that will give any kind of advantage, mental or physical, should be utilized. So, see what works best for you.

I used a lot of outstanding supplements from Biotest during my prep. Please feel free to check out my 2017 prep log, I posted at least once a day and covered all changes in nutrition and supplements. Here’s a link, as well as a copy/paste of the supplement schedule that worked best for me, ultimately leading to two overall wins and a pro card. Note this was before I stared doing morning cardio, I typically did cardio after weights, until 5 weeks out when I started adding morning pre-breakfast cardio with 1/2 scoop Mag-10.

6:15am - Carbolin 19 with my coffee. Helps keep testosterone elevated and burn a little fat without the stimulant effect of HOT-ROX (which will be implemented later in the prep when things are close but need to be more dialed in.)

7:30am after breakfast
Rez-V - This is a newer addition but I really like it. Helps keep the testosterone up, estrogen down, and I notice I feel better physically and mentally with it. I’ve noticed the Rez-V, combined with Carbolin 19, helps keep me leaner and tighter more consistently.
Curcumin - For overall soreness in addition to the health benefits.
Vitamins - B Complex, C, D3
Probiotic - For gut and overall health.

3:00pm pre workout
Micro-PA - For mass. I started noticing results very quickly with Micro when I started it a few years ago, it’s been a staple ever since, and I believe has helped me develop some solid thickness and strength for someone of my height and weight.
Indigo 3G - Has helped me utilize carbs infinitely better than I used to, this has also been a daily staple for me since I started taking it years ago. Especially comes in handy on a high carb day when I get 350g, I take a double dose.
Finibars - A delicious pre-workout meal that’s quick, portable and delicious with great macros. 40g quality functional carbs, 15g whey protein and 8g fats each, I’ll usually have one and a half for a pre-workout meal, popped in the microwave first of course so it comes out like a brownie.
Metabolic Drive Protein - Seriously the best tasting protein I’ve ever tried, and also top quality and great consistency. It’s thick because it’s a whey/casein blend, unlike some whey isolates that feel like you’re drinking water. MD is thick, so it’s ideal for adding to shakes, cottage cheese, or a glass of cold unsweetened almond milk (how I have it with my Minibars.) I have MD a few times a day.
BCAA’s mixed with added glutamine, citruline, betaine and beta-alanine, mixed in 48oz of water. I make sure to drink it all by the end of my weight session before I start LISS. Strength and performance has felt solid in the gym with this drink, and it also helps make sure my muscles are protected during my LISS following weights.

7pm after dinner
Elite Pro Minerals - 1 full dose
Flameout - For joints and health
Curcumin - 2nd dose of the day
Before Bed
Z12 - Sleep is always a crap shoot for me, even in the off season. Still have trouble falling asleep sometimes, but with Z12 I notice once I fall asleep, it helps me sleep through the night and feel more rested in the morning.

Hope this helps, please feel free to tag me with anything I might be able to elaborate on, or any questions. Keep us posted, good luck!


Wow, Rob, this is a lot of information to digest, ha ha! I’ve wondered about whole vs liquid foods. In my previous 5 contest preps, that is what I’ve done, although I’ve done it typically with 3 meals but I do think 4 or 5 is better. I’ll take a look through the thread of your prep. Up till now I’ve been making decent gains; I think I finally figured out what works for me, I think around 40g protein per meal helps me.


Yeah, I think it’s just personal preference. I’m pretty sensitive to bloating, as well as whey. I’m not lactose intolerant, but IBS does run in my family and I noticed when I had too many protein shakes or dairy, I’d get bloated and gassy, so whole foods work well for me and getting the majority of my protein from eggs and meat. The week of the show I’ll ease up on the fibrous veggies and not have any veggies for a few days before the show just to play it safe.

Yeah, for me 5 worked well. 4 meals was too long between meals for me, and with 6 meals the calories in each meal weren’t enough to satisfy, 5 was the sweet spot. So, for my daily protein intake, that totaled about 30-35g protein per meal, so less frequent meals would mean higher protein intake for each. If you’re able to do 3 meals, more power to you! Less meal prep :laughing: