Mag-10 Dosing and BCAA Timing Help

ok trying to do a program where I shed as much fat as possiable while maintaing as much muscle as I can or even adding a little bit would be great. I lift 6 times a week. I train from 4 to 5 in morings so want to take 1 dose Mag-10 after workout then dose of bcaa 3 and half hours later then 1 dose Mag-10 3 and half hours later at lunch time then 1 dose bcaa 3 and half hours later then I solid meal dinner 3 and half to 4 hours after last dose of bcaas > just want to know if this would be effective dosing with bcaas and Mag-10 like this.

Any help or suggestions would be great thanks

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Any help or suggestions would be great thanks[/quote]

So if I followed that right, the day would look something like this:

4:00-5:00am - Train

5:00am - Mag-10

8:30am - BCAA

12:30pm - Mag-10

4:00pm - BCAA

7:30pm - Dinner

That’s sort of a weakened, less effective version of the Mag-10 Pulse Feast. Basic BCAAs lose to Mag-10 because they’re lacking other aminos and are absorbed less efficiently, so you’re better off having the Mag-10 on its own and not worrying about the BCAAs. Like, if you have them, use them up, but they’re not really necessary when you’re using Mag-10.

Also, are you having anything during the workout? Especially training that early in the morning, you don’t want to be lifting fasted. The Mag-10 after is good, but this article explains why it’s important to have workout nutrition during training, not just post-workout.

Yeah I was just wondering if the bcaa are good since I can only a Ford 2 mag 10 serving a day or is that good enough. I drink bcaa before I work out

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