Mag-10 Before, During, or After

When would you suggest taking MAG-10 for a decently intense conditioning session. It’s not in the morning, so it’s not fasted, I just don’t feel like it’s intense enough for Surge Workout Fuel and I’m trying to avoid additional carbs if I don’t have to have them. The sessions are between 60-90 minutes long. Would you suggest consuming a serving before, during (over the first half hour), or immediately after?

Good choice using <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 for conditioning work. It’ll fuel you through it and prevent any catabolism.

If your conditioning sessions extend to the 60-90 minute mark, we’d suggest a couple of servings. You could simple sip some before starting, most during, and kill what’s left after (if there’s any left; that’s quite a long workout for conditioning.) The idea is to spread MAG-10 intake evenly throughout the conditioning session. Dr. Lonnie Lowery used a similar protocol when preparing for a bodybuilding show, though his sessions were shorter so he used one serving. He would finish his about 15 minutes before the workout ended.

I assume the protein spike and return to baseline is not the goal for this use since I’m spreading it out?

Not so much in this situation. What we’re mainly looking for here is the anti-catbolic effect along with energy for the session.

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