Mag-10 as Only Protein Source

I like using Mag-10 three times a day.
Is this sufficient for my protein or should I being using something more?
I weigh 215, muscular and defined.

At your weight, if training intensely, best results typically will be with more like 200 g total protein per day and optionally somewhat more.

Three 2-scoop servings of MAG-10 provides 60 grams.

While it’s more effective per gram than typical proteins, I would still get for example another 140 g/day. That need not be anything like exact, simply in that neighborhood.

When I add Brain Candy, I’m so dialed in its outright freaky.
I do eat very clean and eat plenty of eggs, grilled chicken, and high quality beef.
I’m 63 and no one believes it unless I show ID.
Thanks to Biotest!
Flameout is awesome too. Unreal what adding it has done.

[quote=“Coltman1, post:1, topic:6066”]
I like using Mag-10 three times a day.Is this sufficient for my protein or should I being using something more?[/quote]
I suggest having plenty of eggs, chicken, and beef. Oh, wait. :wink:

Yes, you’re fine using Mag-10 as your only protein powder, on top of a bunch of animal proteins.

The only other thing I’d consider is a workout drink like Plazma to have when lifting. It has high qualtiy carbs and other nutrients that can help performance and recovery. Mag-10 is fine for hard cardio sessions, but isn’t on the same level as Plazma when it comes to weight training.

This article talks more about why you want the right protein and carbs during training/lifting.

Ah, I misunderstood! You had meant whether you needed to add any other supplemental protein. You won’t, except as Chris said, at time of weight training Plazma can be used instead to advantage.

Glad to hear about your great results!

I train with Plazma every workout.
Can’t imagine being without it now.
And take 6 Indigo at pre loading nutrition.

Then Mag-10 after the lift.

Sounds like you’re right on track then. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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