Mag-10 as One's Only Protein Supplement

I love Mag-10. I’d like to make it my only protein supplement but I’m not sure how much to take compared to when I was using whey/casein. I seem to recall you don’t need as much to get the same impact because it absorbs better.

As a hypothetical, let’s say I take in five servings of Metabolic Drive protein (105 grams of protein) per day and wanted to replace it completely would MAG-10. To receive the same impact, how much would I need? - The same five servings of MAG-10 (roughly 100 grams of protein) or could I take less because of it greater absorbability?

Mag-10 is more efficiently used by the body than other protein sources, but it’s not really a direct 2:1 ratio or whatever.

Your current diet plays a major role in determining when-where-how protein powders are used. So, what’s your current whole food diet like?

If you use 5 scoops of Metabolic Drive (I’m guessing two 2-scoop shakes and one smaller 1-scoop shake?), then you may be able to get by with three servings (2 scoops each) of Mag-10. It’ll depend a bit on what else you’re eating, but that’s a good starting point to assess as you go.

Your current size (bodyweight in particular) and training is also relevant, as that influences your protein requirements for growth.

Thanks Chris,
To your questions: I’m 46 yo, 213 lbs and 24% BF. My current diet is roughly 100 grams protein through fish, meat, or chicken. I tend to skip breakfast or have plain oatmeal, lunch = chicken breast and frozen vegetables microwaved, and dinner whatever home cooked meal my wife makes. Spaced thru the day - another 126 grams of protein Metabolic Drive (6 servings). I also do Plazma/Mag-10 protocol on WO days. WOs currently are 3 days/week strength training (Texas Method) plus walking/light jogs 1-2 times/week. Under this current plan my weight is staying flat. Goal is to get stronger or at least maintain, while dropping to 20% BF or 200 lbs (it’s a military thing - one or the other must be maintained)

I’m thinking a good place to start with this experiment is keep everything else the same but follow your guidance and swap out the Metabolic Drive with 3-4 servings (2 scoops each) MAG-10 per day, sticking to the protein pulsing protocol as close as possible. I’ll try it a for a couple weeks and see how it goes.