MAG-10 and V-Diet


I’ve seen where you’ve mentioned taking one scoop of MAG-10 twice a day to replace one scoop of Metabolic Drive. Do I need to change the dosing schedule peri-workout, or don’t worry about that until after the V-Diet when I’m back to eating HSM’s all day and working in some Pulse Fasts? I’ve read the Pulse Fast article but am not familiar with the ANACONDA and GPC products or their use in relation to the MAG-10.

I’m at the end of week 3 of the V-Diet and have done without the leucine and MAG-10 to this point. Any recommendations?


If subbing in MAG-10, take at least one dose of it just before and during workout.


And then the full serving of Surge afterwards I presume.


Yes. You can also sip a little Surge Recovery during training. Many do that, helps them get through the workout, but it’s mainly designed for post-workout.