Mag-10 and Surge Recovery for Post-Exercise

I recently started taking Plazma and I love it! So I figured I’d look at some other Biotest products, and both Mag-10 and Surge Workout Fuel jumped out at me. They’re both advertised as great for recovery after a workout, and both have a fair amount of protein. I should have read a little more, but I figured I’d bring my questions here. I have 3 intense full body workouts Monday, Wednesday Friday, with preworkout, protien shake, and plazma before and during, and another protien shake afterwards. I do calves, abs superset with grip work, and HIIT (usually 5 200 meter sprints on the rower) on Tuesday, Thursday, and if I’m lucky, a weekend day. I only take preworkout and post protein shake on these days, no Plazma or pre protein shakes.

So my questions are these: for a post protein/recovery shake, which is better, Mag-10 or Surge? Should I take both, or is that overkill? Should I split them and take Mag-10 post on lifting days, and Surge post auxiliary days? What do you guys think, and find best in your experience? I appreciate your advice.


Surge Recovery is good. It’s old school and effective with basic fast protein and carbs, but that’s about it. Surge Workout Fuel is better because it’s even more efficient carbs plus other ingredients to help performance during the session. Plazma is the best because it’s top of the line with hydrolyzed casein, plus the fastest carbs, plus even more stuff for performance and recovery.

Mag-10 is a bit of an outlier because it’s primarily a protein source, not strictly workout nutrition, because it’s lower carb and doesn’t have any “extras” like beta-alanine or citrulline. It can be effective for conditioning sessions/hard cardio because it has a muscle-sparing effect, but it’s not really best-suited for getting through an intense lifting session whereas Plazma is.

Interesting. Thanks for the info. Would you recommend the plazma pre and intra- workout, and then mag-10 afterwards, before a solid meal? I know it’s not optimal, but due to my schedule, I usually can’t get real food until 2, sometimes 3 hours after lifting. Would Mag-10 or Surge Recovery be the best post- workout protein source?

Yeah, that’s actually a really solid plan. Mag-10 is a perfect post-workout protein source.

My routine is Plazma before and during my workout. Then a serving of Mag-10 45 minutes to an hour after my workout.

Sometimes I’ll have a second serving of Mag-10 an hour after the first if it was a particularly grueling workout. Otherwise, I’ll have a solid meal (if I have a second serving of Mag-10, the solid meal is an hour or so after that).

Awesome, thanks man! I think I’m going to give that a try.

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