Mag-10 and Sodium

Recently I have been noticing I am retaining water. I track my calories daily and noticed that if I pulse three times a day, I am taking in roughly 1500mg of sodium from Mag-10 alone. I eat a clean diet, but on some days I am noticing that I am exceeding 2300mg of sodium per day, some times upwards to 3000-3500mg.

I’m not worried about my health as this isn’t something that will be long term, but isn’t this a bit excessive of sodium intake? Am I doing something wrong?

I think I am going to change the pulsing from 3 times to 2 times per day, just morning and night before bed. This might lower the sodium and decrease any water retention.

There’s nothing at all wrong with having that much sodium unless you have a specific medical condition (and that doesn’t mean a doctor once said “Oh and, um, uh, maybe watch your sodium intake.”). If it was “too much”, it wouldn’t be in there in the first place.

This article talks all about sodium and even explains how some athletes may require much, much more than 3500mg per day.

If you’re retaining water, it could be for a few reasons. A change in carb intake or too little overall fluids being the top choices.

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