Mag-10 and Plazma

I recently picked up some Mag 10 and Plazma for my workouts but I noticed it doesn’t contain creatine, beta alanine, or BCAAs. What do other people use on top of this stack? Is it worthwhile to also pick up something like creatine or is this work out stack good enough for all my needs? The reason I ask is because I don’t want to over load my body with too much supplements. At the same time I want to get the best use out of what I am paying for. My goals are just to build mass as I am already plenty lean and used the indigo products in the past. Also what is the best dosing and timing to combine/mix these two products? I am only using a serving for each when I use them and take both Plazma and Mag 10 only on my work out days. I can’t afford to take more servings of each unless I eliminate one of them. If it is better to forgo the Mag 10 and just keep the Plazma for my workouts I could just buy two bags of Plazma each month too. I just don’t know what is the most effective while also keeping my budget under 125 a month.

They both contain extremely high quality milk proteins, which have naturally occurring BCAAS and since it’s a complete and whole protein with EAAs as well, it’ll be far more effective than sole BCAA supplementation. As for beta alanine, the carbs and electrolyte blend in the product will help maximize muscular energy as well as delay lactic acid. If it’s the tingle you’re after you always could grab some pure carnosyn from the vitamin shoppe.

I usually throw a scoop of Biotest’s micronized creatine in my Mag-10. With the amount of servings you get for the price it’s a phenomenal value and willl last you for at least the better part of a year.

Take the plazma 15 mins preworkout and sip through your workout. Have mag 10 post and then follow up with some actual whole food carbs and protein or a good quality protein shake like Metabolic Drive an hour or so after.

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Thanks, that is very helpful. I will try that and skip out on the BCAAs and beta alanine. I just felt surprised on how few things are in both the formulas, I guess.

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