Mag-10® and Plazma™ Together?

Patrick asks:

Can Mag-10® and Plazma™ be taken together? Not necessarily at the same time but at different times. Do they do the same thing is what I am asking?

There’s no problem using both Mag-10 and Plazma.

Plazma is intended to be used for your training sessions, while Mag-10 is best utilized after your workout and between meals to increase recovery.

Absolutely. It’s definitely pretty common to use both.

Nope. Like SBT said, Plazma is specifically designed to be workout nutrition and can improve performance in the gym, reduce soreness, and help recovery time. It has fast-acting protein and easy-digesting carbs plus other ingredients to boost strength/endurance/recovery.

Mag-10 actually has the same type of protein and carbs as Plazma, but the amounts are different and it doesn’t have the added training-specific ingredients. It can be used between meals (this article talks about how to use it for “protein pulsing”), after lifting for even better recovery, or during hard cardio sessions where Plazma would be overkill.

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