Mag-10® and Plazma™ for Women

Amanda asks:

I am wondering if these products are for men only? I am not a bodybuilder, just looking to lose fat and build muscle. Looking for products to increase my results.

Nope, they’re great for hard-training women too.

Hi Amanda,

These products are great for females! Plazma is a game changer when it comes to performance in the gym and recovery - it allows you to train with more volume and intensity while giving your body the nutrition it needs for muscle growth and recovery.
If you’re looking to improve body composition and gain some muscle I would suggest trying indigo3G preworkout followed by Plazma intraworkout and then Mag10 post workout.

I’ve been using these products for years now and have great results. My energy is always very high in the gym and I am able to stay very lean year round.

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