MAG-10 and I3G Timing Questions

I have questions about the timing of post-workout MAG-10 and pre-workout I3G.

  1. If I am doing a longer workout and finish off my Plazma say 30 minutes before I’m done with the workout, do I wait one hour after I’ve finished the Plazma (i.e., about half an hour after finishing the workout) to take my MAG-10 dose, or do I still wait until about one hour after the workout itself ends (about 90 minutes after finishing the Plazma) to take the MAG-10? In other words, is the hour wait primarily a function of the workout or primarily a function of timing between Plazma and MAG-10?

  2. I noticed in the American Sniper workout and supplement plans that I3G was taken with the pre-workout first Plazma dose, about 15 minutes before the workout, rather than half an hour before starting the Plazma, as the label suggests. Was this just done to fit the particularities of Bradley Cooper’s schedule or is it also a good stretegy in general? If the latter, when is it a better strategy than following the half-hour-in-advance protocol?

Any and all thoughts greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  1. About an hour after finishing your Plazma. But don’t sweat it. It’s not like it doesn’t work the other way either.

  2. Just to make the schedule easier for him. For best results, stick label recs.

Chris, thanks for the quick response!

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