Mag-10 and Finibars Only

I’m going to in a short time end up with just Mag-10 and Finibars to use for my workout recovery. I ordered a lot more of those then I ended up using and not enough surge workout fuel (used two scoops now with the significant decrease in calories with the new formula). Since I won’t be able to restock for a little bit how might I use the Finibars and mag-10 optimally around the workout window? I was thinking Finibar 45 mins before as usually then a shot of mag-10 right at the beginning then another serving of mag-10 during and finally after the workout another finibar.

Another option I was kicking around was just alternating them. So finibar 45 mins pre workout. Then a shot of mag-10 then another finibar about 30 to 45 mins after that (about half way or so through my workout) then when the workout is over another mag-10 dose. Kind of like the finibar mag-10 pulsing protocol but I’m doing it pre and during the workout instead of just after. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Yep, I’d go with this. Or, if it’s easier: Finibar pre-workout, one serving of Mag-10 started before and sipped throughout the session, then one serving of Mag-10 and a Finibar after training.

Finibars are specifically designed to be easily digested, and some athletes do have them during games/matches/events, so it wouldn’t be “wrong” to go with the second approach you mentioned, but for a regular lifting session, I think the Finibar mid-workout just wouldn’t be necessary. It can wait til after unless your workouts are like two hours long and/or super high volume.

Thank you Chris I appreciate the feedback. On another note I did finally get my shipment of Indigo. It was delivered to the wrong address (the address on the box was right the FedEx driver just simply took it to the wrong place). Luckily a good semaritan brought it to me. Nice how someone living a few streets over knew better where to deliver a package then a FedEx driver who delivers packages for a living. But alls well that ends well. I’m looking forward to mixing these all together and seeing how they shake out. Thanks again Chris and biotest as a whole

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