Mag-10 and 'Fasted' Cardio


Just got through reading the article on proteins and Casein Hydrolysate being insulinogenic, and that being a good thing around a workout, but it leaves me scratching my head as to why the same supplement would be used in Dr. Lowery’s “fasted” cardio protocol, since that would seem to inhibit fat oxidation with the rise in insulin.

Is this one of those things where we just trust that it works and don’t necessarily know why?


I think Lowery mostly explained the what, if not the how or why, in the “The Test” section of the article, and in the section a little before it:

The leucine-rich casein hydrolysate and functional carbs (which is obviously different than “just” casein hydrolysate) seem to be the right balance to preserve muscle and fuel performance for the low intensity (another key factor) cardio.