Mag-10 and Blood Sugar


I was last on the forums back in April 2016, since then I have focused solely on building muscle. I used Mag-10 every morning and every night before bed and just ate protein/carbs during the day. My bench has gone from around 135lbs in April to now benching 225lbs. To say Mag-10 has helped with muscle gain is an understatement. I lift three days a week focusing on supersets and two of those training sessions are focused on chest as this is my slowest to develop.

However, during this time I would get hypoglycemic type reactions such as hands shaking, fog head, tiredness. Can anyone shed any light onto why it appears Mag-10 is affecting my sugar levels?

I would pulse upon waking, eat about an hour later, but every day around 10am-11am I would get shaky, fog headed, etc… I got worried about my sugar levels and spent a month checking them in fasted state, 2 hours after meals, and during these shaky feelings and all of my levels are completely normal and healthy. I even went to the doctor to see what it might be, but nothing came up. Once I stopped the Mag-10, it’s completely gone. No shaky feeling, but man I miss my Mag-10.

Anyone else get this or have some knowledge they can share?


More details will help sort it out. Height, weight (current and weight gained these last few months), general bodyfat.

Also daily nutrition other than the Mag-10, and any other supplements. And training (weights, cardio, schedule).

That’s a lot of info to ask for, I know, but I haven’t really heard of anything similar, so I’m very hesitant to connect it just to the Mag-10 without having the whole picture. I didn’t see it mentioned, but how long were you noticing these symptoms? If you’ve been using Mag-10 for a while and only recently started seeing the issue, then it’s very unlikely to be connected to that.


Hi Chris,

No problem on the details. When I started focusing on building I weighed 250 (April/May), now I’m around 290. BMI is unfortunately around 35 (I balloon up when eating higher carbs). I am 5’ 10". Currently in a high carb/high protein eating routine and taking creatine.

I had been taking the mag-10 for at least a few months before the shakiness started occurring. I had spent the year on a low calorie, no sugar, lower carb (on non-training days) diet with great results, but I stopped losing weight. My trainer and I decided to focus on gaining muscle over the fall season and then start cutting down after the holidays. As I increased my carb intake and adding foods back in to my diet that I normally wasn’t eating is when the shakiness began. I was thinking that maybe the “pulsing” effect of the Mag-10 was impacting my blood sugar? Again, all in healthy ranges. The only reason I connect it to the Mag-10 is because when I stopped taking it over Thanksgiving holiday (and haven’t taken it since), all the hypoglycemic-like reactions have stopped.

I am more than confident that it is a combination of things. I am asking because I am starting to begin to drop weight now and I want to do morning fasted cardio with Mag-10. I just hate when that shakiness kicks in.