MAG-10 and Anaconda


I was reading over the label of the MAG-10 and Anaconda and I wanted to know should I be alarmed about the amount of Sugar that is found in the product? I think the label stated 15g of sugar and the calories are around 260. With me coming off the V-Diet is this okay because I know the V-Diet is a low carb diet with only about 1g of sugar. If you could give me some insight on this I would appreciate it.

This isn’t “sugar” in the traditional sense. It’s the kind of carb you need around training to drive nutrients into the muscle. Basically, you can’t get fat from peri-workout nutrition drinks. These carbs are thermic in nature. MAG-10 leads to muscle gain and fat loss for example.

If you did the V-Diet correctly, you used Surge Recovery. Same idea, lots of anabolic carbs in that drink.

Okay, I just needed some insight on that. I do use the Surge Recovery drink although I’m not fund of the taste of it. It is a pretty good product. Seems like the products are within what I need.

Not sure who to ask but is there some other “Fini” bars I can order. The one’s I been waiting on are out of stock so can you suggest maybe a substitute?

There is no substitute I could recommend that would match the quality and effectiveness of FINiBAR, sorry. Hopefully they’ll be back in stock in a few weeks. Just keep an eye on the store section of this site.

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