Mag-10 and Allergens?


In theory, since Mag-10 proteins are in the form of di-and tri-peptides does it really matter that they are derived from milk? It doesn’t seem to me that di- and tri-peptides, regardless of their origin would be large enough to act as allergens or be potentially immuno-activating like whole milk proteins might be.

Also, I was wondering about the highly branched cyclic dextrin. Does Biotest disclose its origin? Is it from rice, corn, wheat, potato etc? And again regardless of its source, is it purified in a way that would remove possible trace allergens that might be present in their source plant like wheat protein remnants?


From what I’ve read around, HBCD in general are derived from starches, but I don’t believe it’s anything specifically wheat-based so there shouldn’t be any issue regarding a wheat allergy. I also haven’t seen anyone mention having problems with it.

You could try shooting an e-mail to to see if they can give you more specific info.