MAG-10 and Absorption

So whats the latest on MAG-10 and absorption. Always best to pulse it at least 2 hours after last meal… Or 1 hour? I know after Finibars 45 minutes is prob fine as they digest fast.

I also know some people are eating nuts and Finibars with the MAG-10 pulses, however not sure that we are even absorbing the product so that could be a waste of good product right there.

How bout oatmeal and MAG-10? To be safe and if we really don’t know if the body can take food and the MAG-10 i would stick with the empty stomach direction. Enlighten me please. : )

Pulse it 2 hours later, and it doesnt matter if you eat it with nuts. The reason you pulse it 2 hours later is to respike blood amino levels and restart the Muscle Protein Synthesis process (look up Layne Nortons research here, he recommends eating every 4-5 hours and respiking with a leucine dose of ~2.5mg in between the meals)

The reason the nuts dont affect absorption is because the di/tri peptides in the protein that is in MAG-10 is transported through its own channels that are different than the channels that transport food. Think of it like 2 different lanes on a highway, the nuts go on one lane and the peptides get to use another.

From Johns Meadows Forum, User “Bilski” writes (John agrees with him in the next post):

"There seems to be a misconception out there on how aminos and peptides differ. Aminos are transported via sodium ions and by nature require a more “complicated” process to reach the bloodstream. Di and tripeptides are transported via hydrogen ions and have an easier path to reach the bloodstream. Individual peptides are being isolated and studied and have proven to have specific effects on our bodies - this is an ongoing process, but I read a study looking at the pro drug properties of dipeptides of cysteine, tyrosine and glutamine … Cool stuff.

This also explains why eating food with MAG-10 is not a big deal. The processes are seperate and do not affect the peptides getting to the muscle. The argument there is that the pulse spike and return to baseline is lessened. This is true, but unless you are in a fasted state, your body is always processing a meal and raising blood aminos (mixed meal takes like 8 hours). Also, most studies supporting pulsing used aminos which do not initiate a spike as efficiently as Plazma or MAG-10 - additionally no set point for the intensity of the spike as been proven. How big does the spike have to be to be effective? I doubt a few berries or nuts or rice cake will really matter much… "

It would be really difficult to mess up the absorption of <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10.
Mag-10 is comprised of a new di- and tripeptide complex that’s transported (requiring no further breakdown) directly into the bloodstream.

It can be used between meals for a protein pulsing effect, post-workout, during conditioning work, and even with a snack as John Meadows often prescribes. I believe you can see an example of this in the <a href=""target=“new”>Reactive Pump program.

If you’re worried at all, simply slam your Mag-10 ten minutes or so before you have your oatmeal or snack, or just use it between meals to pulse as the original protocol prescribes. Hard to go wrong with Mag-10.

@CS and The Silver Ace: Great information. That is what I needed to process.


So essentially when we speak of getting in some protein with our carbs per our other thread conversation, a scoop of MAG-10 minutes before our carby oatmeal would do just fine in this regard?

[quote]brandon76 wrote:

So essentially when we speak of getting in some protein with our carbs per our other thread conversation, a scoop of MAG-10 minutes before our carby oatmeal would do just fine in this regard? [/quote]

You bet. I do that often for meals that are lower in protein.

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