Macronutrients and Volume

Hey Chris,
First, I’d like to say that since becoming a member of T-Nation, I’ve been so very impressed with your timely correspondence with all the members. I have a few specific questions about the V-program, and I was hoping you could elaborate on them as much as you see fit (or maybe just point me to the correct articles).

  1. I was a little surprised by the macronutrient split (i.e around 25/60/15 f/p/c on non-training, and 20/55/25 on training). I was hoping you’d be willing to elaborate as much as you see fit on why these particular ratios are chosen. I ask, because earlier this year I dropped from 20% to 9% bf, and in that time I was steadily sitting at 60/30/10 f/p/c. After I gain 30-40 lbs through this winter, I really want to try your program; however, I’ve been accustomed to a Paleo diet, and I’m wondering if a sudden shift in my macro split with throw off my training game. I am accustomed to using some of Biotest’s supplements like Metabolic Drive, Superfood, and Flameout (so not 100% paleo I guess). HOT-ROX still terrifies me though. By the way, do you think the MAG-10 will be a part of the V-Diet by the time I start? I’d like to give it a shot.

  2. I was also wondering about the workouts. I noticed they are pretty low volume compared to other fat loss regimens out there (I used Nate Green’s Built For Show, for example, and his cutting part of the program had something like 8 exercises/workout). Is that particular volume chosen as a means of optimizing metabolic cost in light of the profound calorie deficit? I have no doubt the workouts will kick my ass…I was just curious though.

Thanks in advance

I’ve never once in my life figured out the ratios of any diet plan. Why do it? What you want is X amount of protein, under x amount of carbs, with the rest of your alloted calories “spent” on good fats. i’ve never needed to know the mathematical breakdown of that. So the basic idea of the V-Diet is low carbs without giving up post-workout nutrition.

And your training game won’t be thrown off assuming you do the V-Diet training plan and do it right (which is rare for most people since they seldom read the directions to the V-Diet plan). The plan is written for those on this particular diet with these goals. Change the plan, decide to not do what has worked remarkably well for a couple of years, and you’re on your own, in “lab wabbit” mode. And you’re right, done correctly, the V-Diet workout are butt-kicking.

thanks for the feed back…I’m really looking forward to it.

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