Macronutrient Ratios


So I’m doing a hybrid of the V-Diet and the Bro-diet, while doing a full body workout MWF, and Metcons and abs on TTH.

My daily diet is 4 shakes, Plazma and Mag 10 on weight training days, Mag 10 only on Metcon days, then a solid meal of chicken breast, rice, and broccoli, plus 5 caps of Flameout.
My daily caloric intake fluctuates between 2150 on weight training days, and 1800 on metcon days.
Here’s where I found it odd.
I checked last night and realized that my macro-nutrient profile breaks down as follows:
Protein is right around 60%
Carbs around 30%
Fats around 10%

Any suggestions on how to tweak this to bring up my fats and carbs? From what I’ve read, I should be closer to a 40/30/30 breakdown.


There’s no real “should be”, because a lot of different diet plans can work great. If you’ve been seeing results with this approach, there’s probably no real reason to change… but… if you did want to change things, it’d end up adjusting your shake:whole food ratio.

Swapping one or more shakes for an animal protein and fat-based meal would be the easiest solution. A few whole eggs, some skin-on chicken, chicken thighs, red meat, fish, etc. So instead of 4 shakes and a meal it would shift to 3 shakes and 2 meals.

A couple of whole eggs (plus maybe some extra egg whites) would be a pretty simple swap for your breakfast shake and would go towards adjusting your daily macros. You could also introduce more bro-diet-friendly fats like olive oil on your broccoli and/or nuts or nut butter with a one-scoop (not two-scoop) shake.


Thanks Chris. As regards to “should be”, I’m trying to make sure that I’m getting the right balance to keep me going. I’ve been finding myself really struggling to get though some of my workouts.
Switching out a shake for a solid meal seems the easiest fix, so I’ll give that a try this next week.