M2rc's Log

Hey fellow V-Dieters!

I’ll just post this here for long term success. I’m 30, male and even with my regular weight training I found my lower body getting fat. That’s why I decided there’s has to be a change in the way I eat.

As I suspected, like maybe many of you, I found out that grains (wheats, oats etc) doesn’t work with me and the V-Diet has proven that right.

28 days are behind and I’ve lost total 14.5 inches give or take with tape measuring from my body and over 3 inches from my hips which is the most problematic area. Now, there’s still fat left in my waist, not much but enough to keep me motivated for a second round in June.

To sum it up, hardest part for me was the taste of nearly everything that wasn’t proper food. And the 4th week was hard, constant hunger that almost drove me crazy :slight_smile: Now it’s easy being in the Transition phase.

For the future I intend to live at least 95% V-Life leaving the bad habits like grains for “cheat days” because I want to be able to enjoy something like pizza, even though I want to try out the recipe that Chris and others have created. But when I finally get rid of all of this fat, hopefully in July, there’s no intention to get it back. I want to be healthy, “ripped” and live long!

Hello everyone, I’m going for a second round. It’s day 19 going now.

This time with the Lite version with eating HSM or two everyday depending how active the day was. It has been much harder this time maybe due to the fact that I don’t have that much fat as the first time but still I’ve made some solid progress with fat reduction and gaining some muscle.

This is the diet that works for me!

Ok it’s time to sum up my 28 days of V-Diet.

I’m quite amazed with the results, I didn’t lose basically weight at all but my body composition changed greatly. I didn’t have that much fat left anymore but still managed to lose it from hips and waist and what’s truly amazing is that my chest measurements got bigger. Even though the changes are small it’s there and it’s visible.

So I got bigger where I wanted to and smaller where I wanted to. Now, I’m still not “ripped or shredded” but I’m working on it. Time to let my body to recover a bit and keep the healthy habits going and then slowly work towards my shredded goal.

Like I said in my previous post, this second time was much harder. The fourth week I felt like shit but I kept pushing and I’m glad I did. Now for the post-transition I’m taking it easier.

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