M0D1F13D's Venture Into Healthy Habits



I’ve been a regular creeper of the articles and forums on tnation for a couple years now, and have been impressed by the results of people with this diet for quite some time (when they stick to it :slight_smile:

I started the V-diet this week and had not initially planned to post a log, however last night (day 3) I was absolutely craving solid food all evening…I did not succumb to the urge, it actually made my desire for the first HSM so much more intense.

In any case, I decided that posting up here might give me an added sense of accountability, as mentioned in the plan to begin with (Chris, your so smart) and also sharing in others experiences with the diet will hopefully make the experience more enjoyable rather than simply a challenge to be completed.

Which brings me to why I decided to take on this diet. I don’t want this to simply be a challenge but rather a jump-start to long term nutritional awareness (something I most definitely lack at the moment). So, the brief background is that I have never learned to eat ‘healthy’ I wouldn’t say I eat terribly, but I have a weakness (or propensity?) for a few items which will remain nameless for fear of cravings…In any case I carry a little in the middle and would love to take a stab at cutting that off.

I’m an honest man, my goals from these 6 weeks are hopefully immediate and apparent results: to look better with clothes off. But equally important is to learn learn proper nutritional awareness and restraint in time for the holidays, which hopefully I can follow heading into the new year.

So it’s day 4 and looking good so far, except for the insatiable hunger for dinner with my gf saturday :slight_smile:


So i took measurements last night, to start with:

height: 71"
Weight (start: 188lbs) (day 5: 178lbs)
neck: 15"
Shoulders: 46"
Chest upper: 41"
Chest lower: 42.5"
Waist (navel): 34.5"
Waist largest: 35"
Hips: 35"
Upper arm L: 13"
Upper arm R: 13.5’
Upper leg L: 23.5"
Upper leg R: 24"
Lower leg L: 16"
Lower leg R: 16"
Ankle L: 9"
Ankle R: 9"

I failed to mention that I had been out of the gym for about a month at the moment; so this return to the gym has left me fairly sore this week. I like the feeling to a point, at the moment my legs have recovered MOSTLY from mondays squats and now only mildly hurt but my arms are killing me and not looking forward to today’s bench and almost definitely won’t be able to pull off any pullups…

I know I’ll feel great when i finish the workout tbh. I’m considering putting off today’s workout until tomorrow for a little more recovery time. not quite sure just yet, will see how I feel at lunch to d go.


Nice to see a guy 50lbs lighter than me lost that much weight that quickly–gives me hope I’ll see good results.

Also good to have you a week ahead of me so I can have a preview of what it’ll be like. Don’t quit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!


this is sooo encouraging to read the few new blogs on here that have just started. i have also just started and made it through my first seven days, i have also experienced alot of the things talked about on here, the craving, extra soreness from training and a litlle more fatigue than normal… but i have seen amazing results and hope they will continue it boosts you on fo the journey ahead…

I am 24 yr old female
weight started 94.1kg - 88.5kg(day 7)
lost 5cm from shoulders and chest, 2cm from waist and 1cm from each thigh. SAME in hips, arms, calfs. overall i am stoked with this :slight_smile:

hope you are encouraged

KEEP GOING…if we encourage each other we can all make it and be leaner :slight_smile:



28days down!
I weighed myself this morning, @ 169bs so almost 20lbs over the course of a month, thats awesome, except how my pants are a bit loose on me now; time to buy a smaller belt!

And it feels awesome knowing I get to eat a real meal once a day now. I will take measurements tonight. Sorry to not keep up on the log, but I wanted to make a post to let you know it worked great so far, and I got through the worst with minimal scarring!


Congratulations! I love reading these logs and am always so impressed with the people who can make it the whole way. Great work!