M-Audio's 3rd V-Diet Log :)


Age: 31
Height -185cm/ 6’1"
Weight - 87.1kg/ 192.2lbs
BF: Not sure, around 18-20%
Neck - 41cm/ 16.14in
Shoulders - 113cm/ 44.5in
Chest - 104cm/ 41in
Waist - at Navel - 90cm/ 35.5in
Waist - at largest - 93cm/ 36.6in
Hips - at largest - 90cm/ 35.5 in
Upper Arm - 37cm/ 14.6in
Flexed Arm - 40cm/ 15.7in

Current Pics:

Hi My name is Martin and I’m 31 years old. I’m originally from Poland but I currently live in the United Kingdom. I always liked sports, especially football and I always played it until I got a bad knee injury. Since then I’ve been doing various types of sports, running, weight lifting, swimming. I’ve been working out on and of for nearly 9 years now. However I was never consistent and I wouldn’t make any significant gains or achieve my dream physique.
I’ve done the Velocity Diet in the past. First time in 2010( with 1 HSM per week for a month), which gave me amazing results, where I’ve lost 20lbs and got lean.
Here is the link: M-Audio84 vs V-Diet

The second time it was in 2014, however that time I didn’t really finish the diet and my results weren’t even close to what I expected, I think I’ve lost around 10lbs and not a big change in physique.
Here is the link: Velocity Diet 2.0 Ater Four Years

This is my third time I’m attempting this diet. However, having some previous experience I’ll be alternating V Diet a bit this time. Since I’m more advanced when it comes to the work outs, I would be doing my own workout plan, consisting 3 days body split and 1 day of HIIT on weekends. Also, my calorie intake will be almost as the original V Diet, with slight differences. I would still be consuming around 1700 on my lifting days and around 1400 on non lifting days.

This time I’m looking to get ripped and get ready for summer. Hope this log will help me, will keep me motivated and consistend and I hope it might help motivate you as well. My start day is February 29, 2016. Here we go!! :slight_smile:

Work Out:

Monday: Upper Body

  1. Seated DB Shoulder Press
  2. Lat Pull Down or (weighted pull ups)
  3. Weighted Dips or (close grip bench)
  4. Lateral Raises

Wednesday Legs & Abs

  1. Bulgarian Split Squats
  2. Romanian Deadlifts
  3. Calf Raises
    3a. Leg extension
  4. Hanging Leg Raises
  5. Abs Wheel Roll outs
  6. Back Bridge Hold or Hip Bridge Hold

Friday : Upper Body

  1. Incline Bench Press
  2. Flat Bench Press
  3. Cable Rope Push Downs
  4. Hammer Curls
  5. Bent Over Flyes

Ok here we go.

So first three days went by and it’s been rather alright. Just had few cravings here and there. I’ve sticking to my workout routine. So far so good. I know that the weekend will be really hard, as I’m off work and I’ll have plenty of spare time, but if I tried to keep myself busy I should be ok.

Back on the forum after 2 weeks. An update on the diet. It seems like I’m doing alright. I’ve been consistent with exercise and nutrition, rarely missed shakes, had few snacks here and there but overall very good. I’ve dropped weight to 82.9kg or 182.8lbs and I’m slowly seeing my abs. So far so good. Hope you guys are also getting results. Keep doing what you doing. :smiley:

Ok, Guys I’m back.
I’m finished with my 4 weeks. I was good almost all the time, except the last weekend which was the Easter weekend and I binged on loads of junk food, chocolate eggs, crisps, etc. I might have gained a pound or two but overall I’m quite happy with the results I’ve achieved. So here are I’m stats as of today:

Height -185cm/ 6’1"
Weight - 80.7kg/ 178lbs
BF: Not sure, around 13-15ish
Neck - 40cm/ 16in
Shoulders - 112cm/ 44in
Chest - 100.5cm/ 39.5in
Waist - at Navel - 88.9cm/ 35in
Waist - at largest - 91.5cm/ 36in
Hips - at largest - 88.9cm/ 35 in
Upper Arm - 35.5cm/ 14in
Flexed Arm - 38cm/ 15in

Pics to follow soon.

Here are the after pics

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